"Had a whole big mess...drain was horribly clogged but thanks to Clogbusters Plumbers it is fixed!!! Highly recommended!!!! :)" - Tara Krautheim (Haledon, NJ)

"Very grateful for the second time in just the last few days that my plumber Jesse of Clogbusters Plumbers was able to help my tenants out.  If you need somebody who's reliable and dependable, he's the guy you wanna call.  Grateful for nice tenants who make coffee (just for me) while I'm here to fix something.  THANK YOU Jesse of Clogbusters Plumbers for coming to my aid so quickly."  - Dennis Scalzitti (Prospect Park, NJ)

"With the snow and cold coming. If need a plumber I have one for you. He lives in my town and we are good friends. Clogbusters Plumbers let me know and I got you." - Desy Garcia (Prospect Park, NJ)

"THANK YOU Jesse of Clogbusters Plumbers for coming out so early on this frigid morning to replace the thermocouple on my tenant's hot water heater ;-)" Dennis Scalzitti (North Haledon, NJ)

"Jesse is a good honest man who is dependable and reliable. And that's why I trust him with all my plumbing needs down here ;-)" - Bob Abrunzo (Paterson, NJ)

"Clogbusters Plumbers is the name of his business and I recommend him highly ;-)" - Walter Bomblyn (Haledon, NJ)

"Real deal satisfied customer here." - Antonio San Miguel (Wharton, NJ)

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